Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Spot the Tourist

First off, congrats to Triathlon Code team mate Matt Sharpe on his win this weekend in San Fran. And not to be out done, we also got a canuck on top in the women's race, congrats Sarah!

Very brief San Fran race report: Decent swim...smooth T1...terrible bike...slow T2...brutal run.

Video of the women's race shows me a couple times, like getting lapped on the run. gahhhhh. I wish I has been wearing a sign that said: I TRAIN. I SWEAR. MY LEGS JUST DON'T SEEM TO BE WORKING RIGHT NOW.

ok...onto something else.

Played the part of the tourist in San Francisco for a couple days post race with the best momager you could ask for.
Tourist Shot

Muir Woods

Full House

Next up for me is OAT provincials and my hometown race, K-Town tri. Let's just say the next couple weeks will be spent trying to work out the sting of this last race.

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